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Hurry up and wait. That was the constant driving force behind everything I used to do when I worked as an engineer offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. Time was money and thus time was an expensive commodity and it was always in short supply. Everyone working on a drilling rig is ready and essentially […]

By the time you are reading this in early October, I will have returned from making a family trip down to New Orleans. This trip is both personal and professional for me. You see, I have the honor of baptizing my grandson on the 29th of September. Early on in my priesthood I had a […]

The past few years of us dealing with the COVID pandemic has created a much biggerdisturbance in my life that I originally thought that it did. So many aspects of my life had their ownunique rhythms and now I’m discovering they are all out of sync. Certain things in my world once brought me dependable […]