Certain senses are engaged more than others depending on the particular environment in which we find ourselves. At this time of year it is the sense of smell that lets you know All Saints’ BBQ is right around the corner. In three short weeks the fires will be started and smoke will fill the air at the pit to let all of Morristown know- it’s on! 

Last week and this next weekend we have been cooking a total of 130 gallons of our special BBQ sauce. Trust me when I say the process is a total assault on the olfactory nerves of the human body. When adding the necessary ingredients you are careful to stay upwind from all the spicy dry additives. 

Early in the week before the tent sales begin there is the aroma of cabbage and vinegar drifting in the air when the coleslaw is prepared. When you walk into the parish hall while this is happening be prepared for your eyes to water and your sinuses to be forcibly opened. 

What really draws the crowds twice a year to All Saints’ is the smell of several thousands of pounds of BBQ pork butts slowly cooking over smoky hardwood coals. There is nothing else quite like it. It causes the average person to drool in anticipation of eating one of our BBQ sandwiches covered with coleslaw and All Saints’ BBQ sauce. 

When everything is said and done we will have sold out sometime early on Saturday morning. More than 6000 pounds of pork will have been smoked, cooked, mechanically pulled and appropriately packaged for human consumption. There is really a feeling of contentment that comes with another BBQ in the books. 

If you haven’t yet signed up to help, please do so at your earliest convenience. The sign up sheets are on the kiosks in the parish hall. It takes more than a hundred parishioners to pull this Herculean effort off. Yes, it does raise money for the church. However, it is the building of community within our church that is the real benefit from all of this. Feeding Morristown with the best tasting BBQ twice a year is also the best way for us to engage with the wider community beyond our own members. 

So stop and take a whiff. Once again, All Saints’ BBQ is in the air. 

Peace, Mark+